HARD x10 Opening:
[HIGH x5000]
Server Opening - 12.MAY
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Changelog 11.02.2022

[!] Fixed item names and color in website market
[+] Changed Kundun drop reward to 380 Exc/Anc+Exc
[+] Changed Kundun and Mini-Boss to fixed spawn time
[+] Changed Golden Invasion time duration max 1 hour
[+] Added Kundun, Mini-Boss spawn message on screen
[+] Added Poison Resistance 80-99% rate to Goldens


Added February 11, 2022
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Changelog 07.02.2022

[!] Fixed BK Swell Life visual text % in Skill Tree
[!] Fixed BK Impale skill damage issue
[+] Added multiple skills support to use safe area
[+] Changed BK Regular Swell Life buff max rate +70%
[+] Changed BK Master Swell Life buff max rate +80%
[+] Changed Sealed Box reward (more info: HERE)


Added February 7, 2022
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HARD x10 Launch - 4.FEBRUARY

EliteMU is ready to open updated version of HARD server with EXP x10 ! We recently released many big changes and updates...and we will continue to improve daily game-play and make server more interesting, balanced and of course - more fun.


Added January 31, 2022
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Changelog 20.01.2022

[!] Fixed Voter achievement issues in website Quests
[!] Fixed Achievement Master issue in website Quests
[+] Added BC, Mirror Dimension Event NPCs in Noria
[+] Added BC, DS Event NPCs in Elveland
[+] Added Potion girl NPC in multiple maps
[+] Added Warehouse (Vault) NPC in multiple maps


Added January 20, 2022
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Changelog 15.01.2022

[!] Fixed Werewolf drop issue with Splinters, Blesses
[!] Fixed Inberial Staff drop issue in Raklion
[+] Added new Prohibited Words for chat protection
[+] Added Crest, Feather drop to all Icarus monsters
[+] Added new Bloody Witch Queen spots in Aida3
[+] Changed Aida3 red monster radius distance


Added January 15, 2022
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