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New server opening - 14.JUNE
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[Updates] Changelog 07.06.2024, more info
[Updates] Changelog 17.05.2024, more info
[Updates] Changelog 07.05.2024, more info
[Updates] Changelog 04.04.2024, more info
[Updates] Changelog 29.02.2024, more info
[Updates] Changelog 02.02.2024, more info
[Updates] Changelog 18.01.2024, more info
[Updates] Changelog 10.01.2024, more info
[Updates] Changelog 01.01.2024, more info

v2.0 HARD x10 - 15.DECEMBER

Ready to launch something new and cool, our first v2.0 HARD x10 rate server. Server is going to have similar base configuration from LOW x50 server, but with much lower EXP rate, lower drop rate, different GR Point system, higher GR item requirements and Achievement requirements, etc.
Join Us NOW - be a witness of HARD x10 server !


Added December 1, 2023
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v2.0 HIGH x1000 - 10.NOVEMBER

We are opening new rate server - HIGH x1000. Many updates and changes has been released since we opened our first edition server of v2 (LOW x30), all update Changelogs can find in Forum, Discord or in our homepage news. We are just getting started, more nice things to come.


Added November 1, 2023
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v2.0 LOW x30 - 15.SEPTEMBER

EliteMU Online is ready to open new v2.0 (version 2) server - LOW x30, with cool features and improved game-play. We started the preparation and transition to v2.0 exactly 1 year ago, to make sure our servers are getting better, stable and much more interesting.


Added September 8, 2023
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