[LOW x50]
Server Opening - 5.AUGUST
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[EliteMU Online]
S6 E3 Original [Unique Game Project] - Join Us
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Since 2019 - In EliteMU We Trust
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LOW x50 Server Market Statistics
Total Items 562
Active Items 562
Expired Items 0
Total Sold 207
Total Sales ForCoins 17141
Total Sales ForGold Coins 18
Total Sales ForZen 0

CryWolf Info
Status Of The Fortress Not Protected

Castle Siege Info
Owner Guild ADMINS
State Siege Period Is Overs
Money 0 Zen
Tax Chaos 0%
Tax Store 0%
Tax Hunt Zone 10000 Zen

# Guild Master Sign of Lord (registered)
No Registered Guilds
* Only top 3 guilds with most registered Marks (Sign of Lord) will be added in Castle Siege FIGHT
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