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Server Launch - 11 SEPTEMBER
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Last News

Changelog 15.09.2020

[+] Fixed Ancient item Gaion Storm Crow Boots drop
[+] Decreased RF PvM damage by 15%
[+] Increased SM vs BK PvP damage by 20%
[+] Increased BK vs BK PvP damage by 10%
[+] Changed Castle Siege fight start time by -1 hour
[+] Changed Castle Siege period cycle time


Added September 15, 2020
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Changelog 12.09.2020

[+] Added New Feature Luck option for 3rd Wings
[+] Added Premium Launcher system for fast updates
[+] Changed Potion Delay Time (8 potions to 7 per sec)
[+] Changed Delay 7 seconds to SM Teleport scrolls
[+] Changed TOP 10 Voter reward to Gold Coins
[+] Changed Lord Mix Daily Limit = 3 and mix settings


Added September 12, 2020
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Maintenance 10.09.2020 + Client

We are going have "Maintenance Time" in 10.09.2020 at around 21:00 - 22:00 PM (by Server Time). Website and Server will be offline for around 15 - 60 minutes. Most important release is New Game Client with built-in Launcher - it is REQUIRED to download in order to continue to play. During that time some updates will be released too, game client and server files updated to the latest version, server hosting will be updated with the latest updates and restarted.

Please, remember to download our New Game Client @ Downloads !


Added September 10, 2020
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EliteMU is ready to re-open our server "MEDIUM" x200, which is so far the best server from configuration perspective ! Server Configuration - Events, Bosses, Rewards - all that information and more you can find in our Guides website: HELP.ELITEMU.NET !


Added August 31, 2020
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Changelog 20.08.2020

[+] Fixed Shield +skill for Defense (Shields Skill)
[+] Fixed Dark Raven Pet Attack Success Rate
[+] Removed Off-Level in map: Arena/Stadium
[+] Changed Off-Level time limit to 12h / 24h VIP
[+] Changed Devias to Non-PvP map
[+] Decreased BK Swell Life Max buff 115% to 80%


Added August 20, 2020
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