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Happy New Year 2024

Dear EliteMU members, Happy New Year 2024 ! 
Let the New Year 2024 bring to all of us New Good Things, More Happiness and More Joy. :classic_rolleyes:

Personally, Year 2023 was big and very important Year for EliteMU Community - which was the transition from v1.0 to v2.0, which included:
* Server - which was re-built and made completely from 0
* Website - adapted to the new server system, built new features and plugins during the whole Year (like Achievements, etc.)
* Game Guard - improvements and adaption to the current system, with more secure base for Cheat Protection (compared to previous versions)
* Activity - increased server player online in each of servers and started to push and increase each servers edition life-time

This Year 2024 is also going to be a big and important one for us, which include -> 2024 Plans PART 1/3:
* Stabilization and improvements of current/existing modules in website and events/configuration in game server
* Enabling back last few things in website and server (modules like - Character Market, server events like - Illusion Temple, Doppelganger)
* Add custom Launcher for Game Client and necessary fixes for Game Guard issues
* Continue to stabilize and keep the current online activity

Once all of these mentioned things above will be done, we start start the development of v3.0 -> 2024 Plans PART 2/3:
* Add new events in game server (maybe some new Map/Boss)
* Add new functions/modules in website (like Market Filter improvements, new Achievements, etc.)
* Development of new v3.0 website design, with more aesthetic and cool look for almost every page of the website
* Fix the "new" found issues on Launcher/Game Guard/Website/Game Server during 2024 Plans PART 1/3 and 2/3 stages, so we finish 2024 Plans PART 3/3 successfully, before the public launch of official v3.0

Yes, our plans for 2024 are big and we are not stopping here for so, we have many things to complete and new things to start do - we will achieve this sooner or later. Remember, that there will be ups and downs, but the most important thing is that we are growing and progressing, and one day there will be 1000+ players in some/all of our servers (at least during the opening stages), so stay tuned. Also, it is really hard now to tell any estimated release date of v3.0, but the current vision and plan for v3.0 launch is the start of Year 2025 in January !
But now...Year 2024 - LETS GO !

Best wishes from EliteMU Community !


Added January 1, 2024
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