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EliteMU GOALS v2.0 Info

Dear EliteMU members, here is the latest information related to our v2.0 upcoming plans.

As we started server configuration back from scratch (from 0), it was very hard for us to tell any precise information and accurate estimations from the start, but since we are already few months in now, we finally have much more clearer picture for us - how it is going, at what stage we currently at and how much more time is needed. 

[Server] Around 80% of most necessary things have been tested, where 50% of configuration has been completed, 30% of configuration is still currently under testing/configuration mode and rest of 20% is still in TO-DO list (like PvP settings, Master Skill Tree, Castle Siege, etc.).

[Website] Around 10% of things have been completed (including updated information in guides/help site). At the beginning the most complicated functions might be turned off in the website, but of course most important base things will be running up 100%.

In overall server and website configuration sadly will take longer time than expected due to numerous of reasons, but that does not change our goals and vision, because sooner or later we will accomplish them.

Current goal timeline (much accurate than previous one):
1) Till end of March/start of April - finish all server configuration related things.
2) Till end of April/start of May - finish website re-configuration and adaption to our server-file system.
3) May - run BETA version.
4) June - the big LAUNCH of our first v2.0 server.
5) June, July, August - many adjustments and re-enabling all the previously disabled things.
6) From September till New Year - continue to improve balance in all our servers, adjust % rates and configs more and more accurate.
7) 2024 - new website design, new things in our servers (new events, etc.)

We are not done yet and are not going to stop until everything is completed ! 


Your admin, 
newst1le (a.k.a. timeless)


Added January 25, 2023
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