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CHANGELOG 23.06.2020

[+] Removed Damage to Self Team in Castle Siege (from 10% to 0% now) (more info: HERE)
[+] Decreased EE Defense buff by 20% to all classes (except for ELF)
[+] Decreased EE Damage buff by 20% to all classes (except for ELF)
{+] Increased PvP damage for ELF, SM, MG (more info: HERE)
[+] Increased total monster count in (DS) Devil Square
[+] Increased Ancient item drop rate % in (CC) Chaos Castle
[+] Increased (CC) Chaos Castle EXP to Double EXP
[+] Increased SUM Ancient Item drop rate %
[+] Added EXP Bonus in (BC) Blood Castle 1-7 (more info: HERE)
[+] Added all Ancient Set item info list (more info: HERE)
[+] Added new rules about CS Guild registration (more info: HERE)
[+] Fixed Market Purchase Zen limit issue
[+] Fixed Last Market Item image issue
[+] Fixed Market Purchase Zen limit issue
[+] Fixed reported item piece count issue in Market
[+] Fixed Pendant showing correct options in Market
[+] Improved Market item design style in overall
[+] [LOW x50] Decreased drop rate % for Dimensional Sign, Scrap of Paper


Added June 23, 2020
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