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Changelog 10.01.2022

[!] Fixed reported Quests (Achievements) - DS, CC, PK
[!] Fixed found issues on Change Class module
[!] Fixed Cherry Blossom item overlap issue
[+] Added some new skins for NPC, Skill, Effect, etc.
[+] Added new Bonus Stats for Quests (Achievements)
[-] Reduced SUM debuff in PvP, Max Rate: 1-40%
[+] Changed SUM debuff in Pvp, Max Time: 15 Seconds
[+] Changed SUM debuff in PvP, Max Hit Chance: 25%
[+] [HIGH x5000] Changed PK price to 10kk * kills
[+] [HIGH x5000] Changed drop rate % for many items
[+] And many more little fixes & changes


Added January 10, 2022
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