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S6 E3 Original [Unique Game Project] 1000+ Online
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Changelog 23.05.2020

[+] Added Elpis Refinery NPC in Aida 1 spawn
[+] Changed Potion Delay Time from 100ms to 125ms
[+] Changed Post Chat cooldown to 20 seconds
[+] [LOW x50] Changed reset level 1st=350, 2nd=380
[+] [LOW x50] Fixed EXP as it should be
[+] Removed BK Helper Bot Buffer


Added May 23, 2020
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LOW x50 Opening - 8 MAY

Here we go again - better as it was before...LOW x50 is ready to be opened. All information about LOW x50 - Game Data, Reset & Grand Reset, Base Information, In-Game Commands, Website Features and Party Bonus you can find here down below...share and invite your friends here in EliteMU Online !


Added May 3, 2020
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Changelog 27.04.2020

NEW Game Client v6 (Installer v6) is REQUIRED
[+] Fixed Mace Mastery 'Stun Effect'
[+] Added New 1x spot in Kanturu Relics
[+] Added Delay 5 seconds to SM Teleport scrolls
[+] Added BC settings for Divine weapon collection
[+] Added New 5x spots in CryWolf


Added April 27, 2020
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Maintenance 27.04.2020 + Client

We are going have "Maintenance Time" in 27.04.2020 (27th April) at around 19:00 - 20:00 PM (by Server Time). Website and Server will be offline for around ~ 30 minutes. During that time BIG update list will be released, server hosting will be updated with the latest updates and restarted. Download Client v6 (REQUIRED).


Added April 23, 2020
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[LOW x50] starts at 17:00 by server time (-1h earlier)
[MEDIUM x200] starts at 18:00 by server time (old time)
[HIGH x1000] starts at 19:00 by server time (+1h later)
BIG Updates coming up next week after CS !
* Get FREE 500 Coins, Join Event: HERE


Added April 17, 2020
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