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Changelog 23.01.2020

[+] Added 3 New spots in Kalrutan2
[+] Increased (DS) Devil Square EXP to Double EXP (+ x50 more EXP) (more info: HERE)
[+] Increased Doppelganger Event Monster Count * 10 (10x times more monsters)
[+] Increased Sacred Birth Star drop rate % in Loren Deep Event
[+] Increased Mirror Fragment drop rate % from monsters
[+] Increased Paper Scrap drop rate % from monsters (for Imperial Guardian Event)
[+] Decreased Medal, Firecracker and Box drop rate % 
[+] Changed (DS) Devil Square Final Stage Boss monsters
[+] Changed Doppelganger Event (Dimensional Mirror) Rewards
[+] Changed Medal, Firecracker and Box item drop (more info: HERE)


Added January 23, 2020
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