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[+] Added Empty Sphere lvl 5 drop in DS+7
[+] [HIGH x1000] Increased Loch Feather item drop rate
[+] [MEDIUM x200] Increased Anc item drop rate in LOT
[+] [MEDIUM x200] Increased Condor Flame drop rate
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Added March 21, 2020
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MEDIUM x200 Opening - 7 MARCH

EliteMU is prepared to open our third server "MEDIUM" x200, which is so far the best server from configuration perspective ! Server Configuration - Events, Bosses, Rewards - all that information and more you can find in our Guides website: HELP.ELITEMU.NET !


Added March 1, 2020
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Changelog 29.02.2020

NEW Patch v5 or Installer v5 is required for players who want/will play MEDIUM x200 !
[+] Added Empty Sphere lvl 5 drop in DS+7

* New items like Chaos Cards, PvP re-adjustments, Guides for Events like Doppelganger and Imperial...


Added February 29, 2020
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Changelog 28.02.2020

NEW Patch v4 or Installer v4 is required !
[+] Fixed Ancient Anubis Ring drop in LOT
[+] Fixed Last Market Item List
[+] Fixed Socket Item option not showing in Market
[+] Fixed reported Energy to Mana
[+] Updated Cash Shop System (items, prices)


Added February 28, 2020
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Changelog 21.02.2020

[+] Changed ML EXP in Swamp of Peace to Double EXP
[+] Increased Sphere 4, Sphere 5 Drop Rate %
[+] Changed Chat /post price to 1kk (30 sec delay)
[+] [HIGH] Increased Condor Flame Drop Rate %
[+] [HIGH] Changed /pkclear price 20kk * PK count
[+] [HIGH] Changed Boss Respawn Time x2 faster


Added February 21, 2020
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» Changelog 23.05.2020
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