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Changelog 10.01.2020

[+] Changed Castle Siege resets accumulated time after killing GM
[+] Changed global chat /post price to 1kk (60 sec delay)
[+] Changed PK Clear command price to 50kk * PK Count
[+] Changed PK Clear at the website (500kk - Clear All PK)
[+] Changed VIP player PK Clear price settings to same as non VIP player
[+] Changed GR Free Point System
----- Clear Stats after GR: ON
----- on 1st GR: 20000 Free Points
----- on 2nd GR: 38000 Free Points
----- on 3rd GR: 54000 Free Points
----- on 4th GR: 68000 Free Points
----- on 5th GR: 80000 Free Points
----- on 6th GR: 90000 Free Points
----- on 7th GR: 98000 Free Points
----- on 8th GR: 104000 Free Points
----- on 9th GR: 108000 Free Points
----- on 10th GR: 110000 Free Points
[+] Increased Kalrutan 1 monster spots EXP and strenght (in total 10 spots)
[+] Increased BC Statue HP
[+] Fixed reported visual issues at the website
[+] Fixed Event timer at the website
[+] Decreased Imperial Guardian Event (Gaion Order) StandBay period to 30 seconds
[+] Decreased Imperial Guardian Event (Gaion Order) Attack period to 90 seconds
[+] Added Talisman of Chaos Assembly item drop at (CC+7) Chaos Castle+7
[+] Added reported missing items in drop at Raklion
[+] Added New stronger Spots in Stadium


Added January 10, 2020
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